Angélique Buchmann, new Deputy Managing Director in charge of Design & Project Management in France.

Published on 28 February 2020

A look back at her background and her new missions.

What’s your background? 

Graduate of INSA Lyon, I’m an engineer specialising in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning. At the start of my career, I wanted my first professional experience to be in construction abroad, and in 1997 I applied to BEG Ingénierie who was starting their international expansion, notably in Poland. Recruited as a site supervisor on the first BEG construction site (the first Carrefour in Lodz), I then moved on to the position of business management and retail management for projects like the shopping centre in Zakopianka in Cracow and the Shopping centre and Wilenska station in Warsaw.

After 5 years, I joined BEG France for the Bay 2 operation in Collégien for ERE. Then I wanted to explore other areas of the job and I joined the SOPRICOM developer in Nevers as director of the technical department. At the end of 2005, I came back to the BEG head office as an engineering coordinator which allowed me to view and experience the design, studies and execution of projects, but also the coordination and management of operations.

As part of their international development, BEG Ingénierie then gave me the opportunity to join BEG Russia in Moscow. I took on the project management responsibilities in France, on a turnkey or project management basis from 2009.

Why did you choose BEG Ingénierie? 

Even before graduating, I saw a presentation of the company by Mr. Jean Eric Cartry in one of the Insa Lyon lecture halls. He was looking for motivated people to go to Poland, in particular under a scheme for national service as a trainee for companies (VSNE). I didn’t think twice about it!

A large part of your career has been spent with BEG Ingénierie, why?

Honestly I haven’t even noticed the time fly as I’ve had the chance to evolve through very different and complementary positions, in France and abroad. You learn a lot, being in contact with problems and different people, you’re constantly re-evaluating yourself, it’s very rewarding.

What’s more, it’s a pleasure to be able to manage operations from the start of the design up to their completion, with motivated, multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and architects, who are perfect professionals and can design our projects in their entirely.

BEG Ingénierie is always seeking quality in their services and we are constantly developing our practices, in particular in order to be worthy of the ISO 9001 certification.

As a Project Manager, I was responsible for fascinating projects, for example the automated centre for order processing for Scapalsace near Colmar or the extension of the Trois Fontaines shopping centre for Hammerson in Cergy Pontoise which is an ongoing project.

What is your role today as a Deputy Managing Director in Design & Project Management?

Grégory Croixmarie, the Managing Director in charge of this activity, will dedicate himself to the set up of projects, a branch of the Group’s activities which is currently under development. So today my mission is to develop the Design & Project Management activity in France, by notably exploring new lines of business. Historically present in the commercial sector, we have diversified into logistics, industrial and service buildings, head offices. We would like to reinforce and structure this diversification both locally and internationally.

I will contribute to the executive committee in order to also work on the Group’s strategic decisions.

What share of BEG Ingénierie’s activity is represented by Design & project management?

Today Design & project management represents around 40% of BEG Ingénierie’s activity in France and directly solicits around forty employees including the Design Office, price studies, customer service and quality departments.

We’re currently leading several projects for “retail” which are in study and construction phases, we provide operations in the industrial sector in the Centre region of France.

You can learn more about our projects on our new website.

Branches also allow us to respond to operations more locally while benefiting from the same services and support from the head office.

What is it you like about BEG Ingénierie?

Seriousness, adapting, the art of doing things well and better, our aims of customer satisfaction and operations quality being carried out.


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