New governance at the head of BEG Group

Publié le 9 Marzo 2022

On the strength of its independence, being confident in its prospects and supported by its entire Executive Committee and its financial partners, Bpifrance and BNP Développement, BEG Group has been preparing the change of its corporate governance for several months to meet the real estate challenges of tomorrow.

Hugues Golzio and Jean-Eric Cartry are handing over the leadership of the company to an Executive Committee. Bertrand Chabanne, who has already been in the Group for 6 years, as the President of OpenBox, is now becoming the new President of BEG Group.

The Group will be organized by activity around six associated managers: Angélique Buchmann, as Managing Director of the French project management activity, Marc Deries, as Managing Director of the French turnkey activity, Grégory Croixmarie, as Managing Director of ATIC GROUP, which is dedicated to Project Set-up, Matthieu Moal as Managing Director of the Export, Olivier Girard as CFO, and Renaud Pradelle as Secretary-General.

Hugues Golzio, who has always been concerned with the development and the consolidation of the group, started preparing the future of BEG Ingénierie very early on.

The Group has set the objective of one year to restructure the capital and allow the new governance to remain in the majority capital alongside Bpifrance and BNP Développement. To this end, Hugues Golzio will remain Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Jean-Eric Cartry, the Managing Director and associated partner.

The future of the group, which I have chaired for 17 years, particularly matters to me,” says Hugues Golzio. “In 2021, I celebrated my 38th year in this company. Since its creation, it has experienced many significant changes.

The new Management Committee essentially comprises members of the direction team. The arrival of Bertrand Chabanne will complete this structure in which I have full confidence. All the Group’s employees will be committed to continuing the development of the excellence in our services to our clients.


Shared values and ambition

Bertrand Chabanne is joining a Group whose values he shares. In 2015, he created with BEG Ingénierie a new company called OpenBox Co Design&Build. Today, as the President of the Group, he is bringing his experience as an entrepreneur, and his good knowledge of the market and of the clients.

“My approach has always been to put collaboration and collective intelligence at the service of projects and, by extension, of building users and city users.

By working alongside BEG Ingénierie for many years now, I have come to know the teams, their expertise and their involvement. We are going to continue to work together and closely with our clients and partners to provide innovative and appropriate solutions,” said Bertrand Chabanne.

OpenBox is entrusted to David Fitoussi’s presidency and will pursue its development independently, as it has always done.


Building the real estate of tomorrow

The result of this organization is the fruit of a collaborative effort designed to meet the challenges of an ambitious group.

As of now, the entire Management Committee and the Group’s employees are working on the deployment of new strategic axes. The challenge is to offer high-performance solutions for building and renovating a corporate real estate that will support the ambitions of its clients, while limiting the impact on the planet.

Through recruitment, talent loyalty, development of employees’ skills, collaborative innovation with clients and partners (architects, companies, etc.), BEG Ingénierie tackles the stakes of its sector with determination: limit the land artificialization and carbon emissions, consume less energy, and build sustainably.

The in-house expertise of its design office and of the project management and construction team allows a great responsiveness and adaptation to realities and needs of its clients.


Projects in France and abroad

For 56 years, BEG Group has worked with prestigious companies and brands, and has implemented their commercial real estate, office, industrial building and logistics platforms projects in turnkey, project management or project set-up.

The new governance knows that it can rely on the 220 employees of the Group, in Orleans, Lille, Paris, Strasbourg, but also in Poland, Romania, Russia, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Senegal.

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