The Passage Pommeraye Heart of Nantes

Construction of a mixed commercial / residential real estate complex in the city centre of Nantes :

  • Creation of a link with the Passage Pommeraye / listed building.
  • Deconstruction of the Presse Océan islet
  • Creation of a shopping mall on the 4 lower levels
  • Creation of rental accommodation on the 4 upper levels (Lofts with terraces and apartments)

” Our project aims at preserving the subtle balances that make the absolute charm of the Passage Pommeraye. The extension is natural because it recreates the commercial route existing before the creation of the passage. The people of Nantes are given back a direct access to “rue Santeuil”.  François Ehouarn, Architect of the project.

“Faced with the development of the e-commerce,  the customer continues to visit a physical site only if it has something extraordinary to offer.”  Pascal Bécaud, project initiator with Stéphane Meneghel and Jacques Bunod.

BEG Ingénierie acted as a promoter and a builder of the project.

The priority was to limit the nuisance for the neighbours and to respect the historic centre. This operation was technically very much advanced.




Pommerim / SwissLife

Line of business

Joint projects

Type of contract

Turnkey contract


Reichen et Robert & Associés - Platform Architectures

Surface area

5,156 m² of modified surface - 3,500 m² of GLA surfaces



Completion dates

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