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BEG Ingénierie Maroc has enormously contributed to the company’s development in Africa.

BEG Ingénierie Maroc was created ten years ago when the plant of the automotive supplier Faurecia was built. And still nowadays, the car industry is  a significant part of the projects completed by BEG Ingénierie in Morocco.

Following on from this building, the subsidiary strengthened its local setting-up thanks to the completion of several buildings alongside  Owners as METRO, BRANDT, LA BRIOCHE DOREE or still ONCF (The Moroccan National Railways) for which  BEG INGENIERIE MAROC constructed of the biggest logistics platform in Morocco.

BEG INGENIERIE MAROC a su déployer tout son savoir-faire tant en Assistance à Maître d’Ouvrage, qu’en Maîtrise d’œuvre ou en contractant général. The projects are managed by a 10-people team from Casablanca.

Domaine de compétences

Project Management
Project Ownership
Turnkey operations

Secteur d’activités

Industrial buildings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Logistics platforms

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The Tertiary Sector Decree: BEG Ingénierie can help you.

The Tertiary Sector Decree: BEG Ingénierie can help you.

Bio-based or recycled materials

Bio-based or recycled materials