Company and employee commitment

Publié le 10 November 2021

Once more this year, BEG Ingénierie has taken the commitment to support a handful of events in its region.

Our employees took part in Pink October by running or walking in the Foulées Roses event in Olivet.

And in early October, we were partner of the 16th Orléans Open – ATP International Tennis Event, where we could admire the future tennis stars, as well as players in the Top 100.
In early November, we supported the Loiret Paratennis Open, an international tournament which is this year celebrating its 20th birthday.
We will also continue our commitment with La Fabrique Opéra, which brings together young people from universities and vocational training institutes to design and produce opera sets.

A whole host of events which further consolidate our shared values of solidarity, integration and perseverance.

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