BEG Ingénierie includes a team of architects : an unique feature which cannot be dissociated from its DNA. This department with ten men and women, qualified architectes and design draughtsmen and women, intervenes at all levels : from the support to design, the development of studies, the setting up of files, the architectural follow up during the construction phase and, finally, the work acceptance of the architectural lots.


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usine Electroplast


Construction d'une usine de traitement de surface pour pièces automobiles. Intervention de BEG Ingénierie en tant que contractant Général, y compris dépôt de Permis de construire.

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Centrum Posnania


Achievement of a new generation and multifonctional shopping centre in Poznan covering 9 ha. With its surface of 100,000 m² GLA, this one of the most biggest shopping centre in…

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Lafarge Cement factory

Korkino, Chelyabinsk region (Russia)

Complex of the domestic buildings on the site of the factory «Lafarge Cement» located on: city of Korkino, Chelyabinskya region   Realization of the building’s technical audit and preproject of…

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Shopping center

village Tarasovka, Moscow region (Russia)

Concept developing and pre-project stage developing for the shopping center situated in the village Tarasovka, Moscow region. Parking: 3 995 parking places GLA: 65 500 sq.m.   Developing of the hand draft…

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Usine Faurecia Automotive

Luga (Russia)

Luga "Faurecia Automotive" factory 2nd stage Project full management. The 2nd stage total area: 3 300 sq.m. - Factory 2nd stage design; - getting Building Permit and executional documents; -…

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Emmezeta Moda Conforama

Administratif (ASL - COMMUNE - VVF), Conception, Gestion de projet, Génies électrique et mécanique, Coordination générale, Documents d'appel d'offres, Conducteur de travaux Remodelage de magasins: APRILIA (LT) - Campogalliano (MO)…

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Shopping center O’KEY Altufievo

Moscow region (Russia)

Shopping center O'KEY Conception and Pre-Project stage developing. Site area: 14,5 He Total area: 55 000 sq.m. Multi-level parking area: 2 600 sq.m. GLA: 31 000 sq.m. Parking: 2 550…

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Shopping center Khimki

Moscow region (Russia)

Shopping center «Khimki» architectural conception developing. Site area: 12.4He Total TC area: 91 000 sq.m GLA: 73 000 sq.m Numbera of levels: 2 Parking: 2 015 p/pl Conception included: -…

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Shopping center Block

Tcheboksary (Russia)

Shopping center «Block» conception developing Site area: 1.3 He Total area: 45 000 sq.m Nomber of levels: 5 GLA: 26 000 sq.m Parking: 320 p/pl Conception included: - transport scheme;…

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Shopping center Leto


Total area: 106 000 sq.m. Client: "Group Apsys" (France) 1. Client assistance at the Stage Design (correcting): - project documentation (Stage "P"; "WD") technical analysis, its accordance to Russian Norms…

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Shopping center Kamenka

Novossibirsk (Russia)

Shopping center «Kamenka» conception developing. Total area: 273 000 sq.m GLA: 110 000 sq.m Shopping gallary area: 32 600 sq.m Number of levels: 4 Parking: 3500 p/pl Conception included: -…

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Shopping center Kosino

Moscou (Russie)

Shopping center «Kosino» Conception and Pre-Project stage developing. Total TC area: 510 000 m² GLA: 140 000 m² Parking: 8 000 p/pl Pre-Project documentation includes: - transport scheme; - facades…