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ADD VALUE TO your company

  • maximize the value of your assets
  • Strengthen, modernize, and rehabilitate your property asset to reduce turnover and vacancy.


  • Enhance your image with your clients, partners, and employees, through a policy resolutely focused on reducing your carbon footprint
  • Be different by implementing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Reinforce your Group’s CSR policy


  • Audit the energy performance of your assets to generate savings
  • Reduce your energy costs, or even make your assets « energy positive »
  • Obtain improvement solutions that respect your budget


The regulations in force for your property.

Since 2020, an asset might have lost up to 19% of its value if it has not been energy efficient or if it has not taken steps towards energy transition


Allows you to implement an energy transition while being supported by skilled engineers who know your business segment and your challenges.


An audit of your third sector, industrial and logistic buildings.
As a first step of your approach, the energy audit is carried out by our multidisciplinary in-house engineering and design office. We study your energy facilities and their management, as well as your building envelope.
According to your needs, we propose 3 levels of intervention from the simplest energy consumption declarations on the OPERAT platform to the definition and the achievement of 2030-2040-2050 objectives.

  • Existing building assessment and economic analysis (TROI)
  • Energy improvement actions, recommendations for short, medium, and long term solutions
  • Implementations of restructuring and/or refurbishing of existing buildings
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To improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings, we support you for a global management:

  • Measurement of the frame carbon footprint
  • Long, medium, short term decarbonization strategy
  • Action plan and follow-up until achievement

We can also study the eligible certifications for you and help you to obtain them.
With Transity, your real estate portfolio increases in value.

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On these two aspects, we assist you in the search for financing and in obtaining grants and EU bonuses to finance the audit and the work execution.

To optimize the energy efficiency of your buildings and improve the value of your corporate real estate assets.

The consumers, the clients but also the employees are more and more sensitive to the environmental stakes.

Their choice of consumption or collaboration is focused on brands and chains that are committed to the preservation of resources and that act to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, measuring its carbon footprint and above all implementing actions to reduce it becomes an obligation for the companies whose brand image could be certainly determined by its energy-efficient rating in the future


The price of energy is a second argument that prompts all of us to work on the energy efficiency of the buildings.

The price of energy is increasing:

  • electricity: +3% VAT in 2021 and +4 % VAT since February 2022
  • gas: +54% between January and October 2021

The construction industry is the biggest energy consumer sector (heating, air-conditioning, equipment, lighting, etc.) and, despite the current regulations, the energy consumption part of this sector has increased by 20% in 30 years in France (source Ecological Transition Agency)

Most of the CO2 emissions and of the resource consumptions are linked to the construction phase of the buildings, and moreover it is the main cause of land artificialization.
The environmental impact is particularly important for the construction of new buildings.

For the existing buildings, the to-day stake is to renovate AND reduce the energy consumptions, especially in the third sector.

One of the Ecological Transition Agency priorities is to reduce the energy consumptions by 60% between now and 2050, thanks to the tertiary energy-efficient action plan.

TRANSITY: experts support you

Our combined skills in the technical and regulatory field and our knowledge of corporate real estate provide you a global approach.

BEG Ingénierie – this is a team of experts, engineers, architects, and skilled technicians – an architectural design service, a multidisciplinary in-house engineering office, legal, quality, and sustainable development experts that work together to meet your needs and bring tailor made and innovative solutions.

Our experience, skill, thoroughness and listening at your service.

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the tertiary sector decree

By 31 December 2022, the companies concerned by the Tertiary Decree shall have entered the annual energy consumptions of their real estate on the OPERAT platform.

The objective of this law is to commit companies to energy efficiency by reducing their consumption by 40% before 2030.

The tertiary buildings of at least 1,000 sq. m are subject to this regulation; as well as industrial and logistics assets, where finished goods are stored for a time limit of at least 5 days.

BEG Ingénierie has designed a specific offer to help its clients in carrying out these administrative procedures and setting up an action program.

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