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BEG Group reveals, designs, and achieves innovative and eco-friendly real estate projects in France and abroad. Thanks to turnkey, project management, co design&build and project set-up completions, BEG Group provides supports to its clients and makes their commercial, tertiary, industrial and logistic real estate projects a reality.

By gathering several entities under the same brand, BEG Group asserts its ability to address all corporate real estate challenges, in all phases of a project, in France, in Eastern and Southern Europe, in Northern and Western Africa.

The strength of BEG Group relies in the collaborative teamwork that employees can develop within the links of their professions.

BEG Group has developed a unique and integrated know-how for either new or under renovation complex projects, for large or small surfaces, in the suburbs or in the city centre.

The 260 employees of BEG Group are fully determined to be effective actors in the changes and to meet their clients’ eco-friendly expectations with an engineering that will help them reduce their energy consumptions, their carbon footprint and to preserve biodiversity.


THE GROUP’s companies

BEG Group comprises several companies, in France and in 9 countries

As the historical entity of the group, with its headquarters in Orléans, and agencies in Paris and Lille, BEG Ingénierie is specialized in the design-achievement and the set-up of projects in France and abroad. BEG Ingénierie capitalizes a unique expertise thanks to the skills of its integrated design office.

See the website BEG Ingénierie

Openbox, which is based in Lyon, designs and achieves co design&build projects all over France in a collaborative dynamics between the owner and the constructor.

See the website OpenBox

EPOPS Conseil is an expert in environmental regulation and industrial risks all across France.

See the website EPOPS

CUBIC BEG combines the skills of BEG Ingénierie and Cubic. Both companies joint-ventured in 2020 to provide a response to major clients in Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

See the website CUBIC BEG

Based in Ivory Coast, Obtima BEG comes from the merge of the project management expertise of a local company and the international know-how of BEG Ingénierie. Obtima BEG is the Western African branch of BEG ingénierie.

See the website Obtima BEG

Located in Milano (Italy), BEG Italia has been well known since 1992 for its expertise in trade (new projects and refurbishing), logistic, industrial, and tertiary sectors.

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In Warsaw (Poland), BEG Polska has been specialized in the design-achievement of commercial and industrial buildings since 1997. It is also present in housing, hotel, and healthcare sectors. It carries out project management services for the installation of industrial processes.

See the website BEG Polska

Based in Bucharest since 2007, BEG România is dedicated to the management of projects, the support to clients, turnkey buildings and technical audits. It is involved in trade, logistic and industrial sectors, where it can also take in charge the Project Management of industrial processes.

See the website BEG România



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